STPCon Fall 2010 – Las Vegas, NV

The Software Test Professionals Conference & Expo 2010 was held in sunny Las Vegas – October 19th – 21st at the Mirage Resort and Casino. This conference featured motivational as well as technical keynotes and offered a program full of sessions focused on Test Strategy & Process, Leadership, Agile Testing, Performance Testing and Automation. In addition, this conference featured our very first Software Test Luminary Award winner. We were honored to name Gerald Weinberg as our first recipient of this prestigious award as selected by the Software Testing community.

Conference Program: Tracks, Sessions, Speakers & Presentations:


TRACK: Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab

We are excited to offer a new conference track, Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab, which will combine the best software testing theories with real-world examples and where participants will actually learn by doing in a realistic test environment. This unique opportunity will feature a virtual learning environment that showcases eight technical sessions covering a wide range of hands-on testing topics.

TRACK: Test Leadership

This track will focus on the human side of testing, managing testers and the software test areas of the product lifecycle. You will learn techniques for working effectively in a leadership role with test and non-test teams, and the differences between being a manager and being a leader.

TRACK: Test Strategy & Process

When do you use exploratory testing? How do you plan for performance testing? What are test entrance and exit criteria? In this track you will learn from industry experts and practitioners the strategic and tactical approaches to testing, regardless of the underlying software development methodology. This track includes topics related to test project planning, interaction with other departments (development, product management, and customer support), organization of test labs including virtual test environments, testing methodology, test documentation, performing different test types, test case coverage strategy, defect reporting, quality assessment (quality metrics), release criteria, and beta testing.

TRACK: Agile Testing

This track will help attendees utilizing Agile Methodology to understand how they can fit traditional test practices or start implementing off-shoring capabilities while testing in an agile environment. In addition, the attendees will have an opportunity to understand how test automation can be more effectively used in the context of agile projects as well as listen to real-world examples of testing in projects of varying degrees of agile adoption.

TRACK: Performance Testing

Presentations in this track will share actual performance testing experiences that illustrate the skills, tools and techniques for planning and executing effective performance tests. Topics you will learn: developing test objectives, using business and technical metrics to quantify the target load and acceptance criteria, developing scripts, designing test scenarios, measuring and correlating system resources with response time and load, interpreting results, diagnosing bottlenecks, communicating conclusions and recommendations to stakeholders.

TRACK: Test Automation

The Test Automation track includes topics related to the test automation architecture, development of test automation frameworks, test automation methodology, functional test automation, security test automation, continuous integration, and popular open source and commercial test automation tool case studies. It will also include semi-automation tools for test case management and requirement management.

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