F10 – 505: Performance Testing for MASSIVE Systems

Track: Performance Testing

Though dealing with a single distributed system may prove challenging, the game is significantly changed when considering a distributed platform. A platform can consist of 50+ distributed systems and components, all integrated to process millions of transactions per day, dealing with millions of users, and hundreds of terabytes of data. The ramifications of one component or system not scaling to support the hundreds or even thousands of transaction per second can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue for a single system disruption. Performance engineering must be implemented across the development lifecycle, affecting all aspects of IT. Performance testing is critical, but may be performed too late to provide the level of assurance needed from such systems. In the MASSIVE system platform world, the diversity of technologies requires a disciplined approach to building, measuring, and ensuring system scalability, performance, and throughput.

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Session Speaker:

Mark LustigMark Lustig – Senior Director, Collaborative Consulting
Mark Lustig is the Director of Performance Engineering and Quality Assurance for Collaborative Consulting. In addition to being a hands-on performance engineer, Mark specializes in application and technical architecture for multi-tiered Internet and distributed systems. His experience in the high-technology arena has honed his systems architecture and performance engineering skills, particularly in designing and implementing and tuning applications; investigating and defining user requirements; creating and facilitating design workshops; and coordinating user acceptance of new systems. Mark has published many papers and often speaks at conferences.