F10 – 303: Encouraging Collaborative Testing

Track: Test Leadership

Collaboration among software testers effectively brings another perspective to early software evaluation and helps create an environment ideal for testing multi-user scenarios, permissions, security, custom configurations, integration, and cross-platform and cross-product workflows. In addition to providing additional opportunities to uncover bugs, it provides a chance to share product knowledge and testing techniques. Given these advantages, why isn’t more collaborative testing being done? Because most testers don’t fully understand the value of collaboration, and most companies don’t know how to entice them to participate. Only by spelling out the benefits for testers and clarifying the value you place on their time and talent can you draw them in. This presentation will cover multiple ways to make it happen, with real-world examples based largely on the presenter’s experiences at Adobe. For teams struggling to get collaborative testing established, common obstacles and solutions that have worked to overcome resistance at Adobe will be candidly shared. For teams who are currently organizing and running successful collaborative test events, you can learn techniques to increase participation and share the impact and value with others outside of your direct organization to increase visibility.

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Session Speaker:

Lanette CreamerLanette Creamer – Senior Consultant, Sogeti
After 10 years at Adobe, Lanette is now a Senior Consultant with Sogeti. She is currently working as a Test Lead at Starbucks. Lanette has been evangelizing test collaboration for the past 5 years. With a deep passion for collaboration as a way to increase test coverage, she believes it is a powerful solution when facing complex technical challenges. She actively participates in the testing community. She has written two technical papers and a published article on testing in ST&P Mag January 2010 (now ST&QA magazine).
Visit Lanette’s blog: http://blog.testyredhead.com
Contact her at: lanette.creamer@gmail.com