F10 – 101: Let’s Test Together

Track: Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab

In this highly-interactive session, Justin Hunter will roll up his sleeves and create, on-the-fly, relatively small sets of test cases for several applications. Like Altoids, these test cases will be “curiously strong.” Participants will choose what types of examples they would most like to see in the session and are expected to contribute their test ideas to the discussion. Combinatorial test design techniques will be used and explained. Participants will have access to a combinatorial testing tool that will automatically generate sets of test conditions based on user inputs. Participants are encouraged to follow along and create their own sets of tests.

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Please Note: The presentations are intended for attendees only. The presentations page is password protected – contact info@softwaretestpro.com for verification of attendance and the password to access the presentation.

Session Speaker:

Justin HunterJustin Hunter -CEO, Hexawise
Justin Hunter is a combinatorial test design expert who has enjoyed teaching testers on six continents how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their test case selection approaches. He has spent the last five years on a relatively obsessive self-imposed quest to explore the benefits and limitations of applying combinatorial test design methods on real-world testing projects. Prior to founding Hexawise, Justin worked at Accenture for 8 years where he lead combinatorial test design adoption efforts. Given his tendency to talk excitedly to anyone who will listen about combinatorial test design strategies, he has noticed a slow but steady decline in the number of invitations he has received to parties over the last few years.