F10 – 501: Hands-On Introduction to Selenium IDE

Track: Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab

Selenium is not just a single product, but is actually a suite of products. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but used properly they offset each other. This session explores the first part of the suite, the Selenium IDE, a record and playback plugin for Firefox.

Though somewhat limited in some ways, its ease of use and ability to quickly generate scripts makes it a powerful tool in the tester’s toolbox. Suitable for both those who know how to code and those who do not, you will learn to how create effective, robust scripts in Selenium IDE that will have immediate impact on the quality of your product.

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Session Speaker:

Adam GoucherAdam Goucher – Principal, Element 34
Adam Goucher has been testing professionally for over 12 years at a range of organizations from national banks to start-ups. A large part of that time has been spent augmenting his exploratory testing with automation. But automation is not the only tool in his toolbox. As an experienced tester who believes in the principles of both the Context School of Testing and the Agile Manifesto he brings an open and modern view of testing to projects. His first book, Beautiful Testing was published in October 2009 by O’Reilly Media.