F10 – 603: QA: Last One Invited, First One Kicked Out

Track: Test Leadership

Have you ever noticed that QA is often only tacked on as an afterthought to a project? Why when resources and time are scarce that QA is almost always the first casualty? This session will explain why QA is its own worst enemy; why, for the most part, they lack respect and equal standing in most development teams; and why it is often perceived that they add little or no value to a project. After we get all the bad news out of the way, this session will then teach you by using real world examples from some of the largest software companies, how to overcome these obstacles. Learn how to educate management about the true role of QA in the product lifecycle. Explore the Deming effect, and, through “The parable of the cookie” learn why quality cannot be tested into a product. Learn how to position your QA team to become the most indispensable part of the organization. How to put yourself on equal footing with other groups. Also highlighted will be real examples of how to overcome resource restrictions, inadequate information, and unrealistic demands.

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Session Speaker:

Bradley BairdBradley Baird – Principle SQA Engineer, Symantec
Bradley Baird has over 20 years experience as a QA professional. He has taught and trained groups all over the US as well as in Europe, South America, Australia, and Taiwan on QA practices and methodologies. He has a master’s degree in Computer Science and has worked at several large and small software companies where he created QA departments test labs from scratch, trained test teams and educated stake holders everywhere on the values of QA. Currently he is a Principle SQA Engineer at Symantec.