F10 – 203: People Are Not Widgets!

Track: Test Leadership

This session provides practical advice for creating a test team that has strong individuals with great synergy who will bring energy, initiative and respect to the entire software organization, not just the testing organization. This session will discuss how to find the candidates, pick the leaders and build a team without falling into the widget-replacement strategy used by so many outsource organizations. This team strategy works for local and outsourced teams because, let’s face it, everyone wants to be valued. People who feel valued and respected will work harder and happier. It’s up to the leadership of the group to build and maintain an environment that promotes the individual while building the team. Learn the steps to follow to make this happen and the pitfalls to avoid. Also learn what it takes to be a leader of a truly great team because just having the right people isn’t enough.

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Session Speaker:

Judy McKayJudy McKay – Consultant, SkyForest Consulting
Judy McKay has 20+ years of industry experience in software testing and software quality assurance including management experience ranging from a hands-on test lead position all the way up to the Director of Software Quality Assurance. As a result of these positions, she has extensive experience with managing, leading and motivating outsource, offshore, contract and employee teams (and a mix of all). Judy is a published author of a software test management book as well as a software test engineer’s handbook.