F10 – 302: How Could We Miss Those Bugs? Tips on Improving Test Coverage

Track: Test Strategy & Process

Let’s consider a typical situation. Testers finished performing all planned tests and finally there are no high priority defects left unresolved. After celebration, the application goes to production. The next day some customers already complain that they cannot even install the product. The whole QA department is embarrassed. Why did it work in the testing lab and stopped working in the customers’ environments? Why did we miss the bugs that the customers reported? This presentation answers some of these tough questions using the proven practical tips. The distinction of using software by customers and test engineers can lie in:

  • Different environments
  • Different functional scenarios
  • Different data

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Session Speaker:

Vladimir BelorusetsVladimir Belorusets – SQA Manager, Xerox Corp.
Dr. Vladimir Belorusets is an SQA Manager at Xerox Corp responsible for quality of enterprise content management applications. Vladimir is a Certified Tester by American Software Testing Qualifications Board. He has more than two decades of extensive experience in software development, test automation, test management, and software engineering methodology. Vladimir has held different Engineering and QA Management positions at EMC, Siebel, CSAA, and various startups. He earned his Ph.D. in Control Systems from Moscow Institute for Systems Analysis, Russian Academy of Sciences. Vladimir taught numerous courses on functional and performance testing in various Bay Area computer schools. He has multiple publications on software testing in ST&QA magazine and StickyMinds.com. Dr. Belorusets is a member of the Strategic Advisory Board at Software Test Professionals.