F10 – 201: Explore Beyond the Obvious

Track: Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab

As testers, we conduct technical investigations of products to provide stakeholders with quality-related information. We engage our minds to harness the powers of observation, curiosity, and critical thinking, while testing a variety of products from small isolated applications to large complex multi-system environments. Appearances are deceiving though. Seemingly simple applications and features hide a depth of complexity, while obviously complex systems hide more complexity than we can envision. How can we stay engaged to discover what is hidden when we trap ourselves into believing in the simplicity? This session will challenge you to escape the simplicity trap. With a focused testing mission in hand, you will test an application using simple testing techniques that help you move beyond the obvious and discover what is hidden beneath the surface. Attend this session to practice, and gain insights into, simple approaches you can apply at work to quickly learn new information about the products you test.

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Session Speaker:

Selena DelesieSelena Delesie – Consulting Software Tester and Agile Coach, Delesie Solutions
Selena Delesie is a Software Test Consultant and Agile coach who runs her own company, Delesie Solutions. She has more than 10 years of experience testing, managing, and coaching in software, testing, and agile practices for leading-edge technologies. Her experiences ignited her passion for creating empowered and collaborative organizations, and in discovering more effective ways to create high quality products. She facilitates the evolution of good teams and organizations into great ones using individualized and team-based coaching and interactive training experiences.

Selena is co-founder and host for the Waterloo Workshops on Software Testing, and an active speaker, participant, and leader in numerous industry-related conferences and associations. She blogs at www.SelenaDelesie.com, and her website is www.DelesieSolutions.com. Selena can be found on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/in/sdelesie and via email at selena@delesiesolutions.com.