F10 – 202: Reloadable Test Data: Why and How

Track: Test Strategy & Process

Do you need to execute and then quickly re-execute manual test cases under tight timelines? Do bugs marked as “Cannot Reproduce” bouncing back and forth between developers and testers frustrate your team? Would you like to have more realistic, production-like test data?

Join Tanya Dumaresq as she explains the hows and whys of developing and using pre-created, reloadable test data for manual testing. By planning ahead when designing test cases, you can cut test execution time in half and virtually eliminate those “works on my machine” bugs. Learn how to create and load test data in different formats and choose the one that is best for your application under test. Sometimes, you can even use the application itself to create the data! You’ll end up with test data and an environment far more representative of your users’ world than if you create data on the fly during test execution.

The audience will learn the following:

  • What is test data and what do I mean by reloadable?
  • Benefits of using reloadable test data.
  • A step by step process for how to create and use reloadable test data.
  • How to overcome common challenges when using reloadable test data.

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Session Speaker:

Tanya DumaresqTanya Dumaresq – Test Team Leader, Macadamian Technologies
Tanya Dumaresq has been providing quality assurance for various companies like Cisco, FileMaker, Hewlett-Packard, March Networks, and Nortel since 2001. Recently, at Macadamian Technologies, she finished leading a large project automating hundreds of test cases that used reloadable test data, while also mentoring the other test team members on their own projects.