F10 – 301: Hands-On Quicktests

Track: Hands-On Testing Techniques Lab

If you’re involved up front and given complete, consistent, correct, unambiguous specifications with plenty of time for test planning … this isn’t the session for you. This is a session designed for an imperfect world. It’s about dealing with time pressure, conflicting stakeholders, unclear requirements, and bad documentation with grace and ease. ‘Quick Attacks’ are tests designed to attack, overwhelm, and quickly evaluate product quality. They provide rapid feedback with little effort and nearly no setup time. This is also a hands-on session, so bring a laptop or find someone to pair with. We’ll have ideas, software to test, prizes, and challenges. You’ll go home with a dozen ideas to try on Monday, and a few “cheat sheets” to remember them with.

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Session Speaker:

Matt HeusserMatt Heusser – Technical Staff, Socialtext
A member of the technical staff at Socialtext, Matt Heusser has developed, tested, and managed software projects throughout his professional career. A contributing editor for ST&QA magazine, Matt was the initial organizer of the Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference and lead organizer of the workshop on Technical Debt. Matt’s blog, “Testing at the Edge of Chaos”, is consistently highly ranked among testing blogs. Matt recently contributed a chapter to “Beautiful Testing”, by O’Reilly, and just finished up a two-year stint as a part-time instructor in Information Systems at Calvin College. He looks forward to doing more writing and looking at this thing he has heard about called “the outdoors.” It sounds nice.