STPCon Fall 2015 – Framingham, MA

Attendees at STPCon Fall 2015 experienced a beautiful northeast fall week complete with picturesque, colorful treed landscapes in the suburbs of Boston. 16 workshops and 40 sessions offered plenty of opportunities to learn and 4 compelling keynotes by Elfriede Dustin, Jason Huggins, James Bach and Joseph Ours motivated testers at all levels and from all corners of the world.  uTest/Applause hosted a networking reception at their headquarters which was only a few blocks from the hotel.

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Fall 2015 Schedule

Pre-Confernece Workshops Day 1 – October 5th, 2015:


Pre-Confernece Workshops Day 2 – October 6th, 2015:


STPCon Day 1: October 7th, 2015:

  • KEYNOTE: Automated Software Testing and Cybersecurity
  • Build and Launch Great Apps with both Real-World Testing and Automation
  • The Test Manager’s Role in Agile: Balancing the Old and the New
  • DevOps: Find Solutions, Not More Defects
  • Improv(e) Your Testing! Tips & Tricks from Jester to Tester
  • Five Fallacies About Test Automation
  • More Top Performance Problems and Metrics for Testing
  • Test Automation in Agile – A Successful Implementation
  • So You Want to Hire a Software Tester …
  • How to Transform a Manual Testing Process to Incorporate Test Automation
  • Navigating the UX Jungle
  • KEYNOTE: The Future of Government Software (And How to Stop It)
  • End-Users. Involved at Last!
  • Why Bugs Escape
  • You Bet Your Life – Playing the Automation Tool Selection Game
  • Leading the Next Generation of Testers
  • Taming the Wild West of Mobile App Development with Continuous Quality
  • Shifting the Test Role Pendulum
  • The Art of Gherkin Scripting
  • Metrics: The Force Awakens
  • Continuous Delivery: How We Got There


STPCon Day 2: October 8th, 2015:

  • KEYNOTE: How Do I Know I Am Context-Driven?
  • Continuous Delivery: Scale Tests, Useful Reporting and Right Alerts!
  • Does Domain Expertise Matter?
  • I18N: English is “Just Another Language”
  • Infuriatingly Fun Performance Puzzlers
  • The New Agile Testing Quadrants: Bringing Skilled Testers and Developers Together
  • Continuous Delivery a QA View
  • Don’t Blink, Don’t Even Blink
  • Conscientious Test Automation
  • Rise of the Bots: How Automated Agents are Killing Your Performance and What to Do About It
  • KEYNOTE: Thinking Fast and Slow – For Testers’ Everyday Life
  • Delivering 5-Star Mobile Applications: Optimizing Your Mobile Performance Testing Strategy
  • Heuristics of Testability
  • Making History with Testing
  • Testing the Performance of Mobile Apps
  • Insider’s View of a Real-World Project: Innovative Strategies & Solutions for Performance Testing Composite Applications
  • Truthful Test Estimation
  • Psychology and Change Management: Implementing an Enterprise Test Methodology
  • Automation Challenges – A Round Table Discussion
  • Adjusting Performance Testing to the World of Agile
  • Testing the Data Warehouse – Big Data, Big Problems


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