F15-10/5: WORKSHOP: Test Management for Large, Multi-Project Programs

Track/s: Leadership

Running a test project can be a challenge. Running a number of test projects as part of a portfolio can be even more challenging. However, most challenging of all can be running a group of projects in which every project needs to merge at a single end point. Geoff Horne considers: How does a program test manager (PTM) slice up the testing work packages and then group them by “like” types into discrete projects? How does the PTM determine the best approach for each project while maintaining the most advantageous approach for the overall program? How does each project fit into the overall test strategy? These and other questions are the everyday challenges of the PTM. Maintaining forward momentum at the required rate across many different tracks, all heading for a single end point, requires skill and experience at many levels. Join Geoff to learn how to qualify, quantify, and effectively run any size test program like a well-oiled machine.

Workshop Takeaways:

  • How to slice up the testing work into like types & discrete projects.
  • How to determine the best approach for each project while maintaining the most advantageous approach for the overall program.
  • How each project fits into the overall strategy.
  • How to avoid conflicts between projects & streams contending for resource.
  • How to manage risk across each project.
  • How to manage, track & report across each project.

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Session Speaker:

Geoff Horne – NZTester Magazine
Geoff Horne has an extensive background in test program/project directorship and management, architecture, and general consulting. In New Zealand Geoff established and ran ISQA as a testing consultancy which enjoys a local and international clientele in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. He has held senior test management roles across a number of diverse industry sectors, and is editor and publisher of the recently launched NZTester magazine. Geoff is the founder of NZTester & OZTester Magazines, has authored a variety of white papers on software testing and is a regular speaker at the STAR, STPCon, Better Software as well as NZTester Magazine conferences. Married with four children, he enjoys writing and recording contemporary Christian music.

Speaker Details:

Geoff Horne – NZTester Magazine