S13-903: Continuous Delivery of Performance Results

Track: Performance Testing

This session is designed to coach the Performance Engineering Managers, Leads and Engineers on how to design a system to produce “continuous delivery of performance results.” Often performance engineering teams face challenges trying to fit into an Agile environment as finding, debugging and fixing performance issues can take considerably longer time compared to functional problems. This makes it very critical to expose the issues early in the development cycle. Early failure is cheap and easy to fix. We will learn how we can effectively design a system that can deliver accurate performance results with integrated debugging data.

This session will present examples of a working system and real life application performance issues that were caught early in the development cycle in the pre production environments. We will also cover related topics in our discussions for results reporting, load tools, data monitoring and code profiling. I encourage an interactive audience. So bring your questions and come prepared.

Session Takeaways:

  • How to build an effective delivery system to produce continuous and accurate performance results.
  • How can we integrate different monitoring tools to easily debug the issues and review the results.
  • How we can operate in Agile with an effective Performance Engineering practice.
  • Learn the benefits of early detection of performance problems.
  • Concepts of a fully automated performance results engine.

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Session Speaker:

Murshid MustafaMurshid Mustafa – Senior Manager Product Development and Performance Engineering, ADP/Cobalt
Murshid has over 15 years of experience as a Manger, Architect, Developer and Performance Engineer in the software development space. In his current position at ADP he is managing the Performance Engineering and Tools development teams that support all products for Cobalt dealer services. His role demands that he be a visionary for the products and propose innovations. Application development and performance engineering are his true passion. Murshid loves the opportunity to coach and share ideas. Over the long span of his career he has been involved in architecting many applications and automated systems.