S13-802: Integrating Testing as a Service into a Quality Management Office

Track: Test Strategy, Process and Design

Many organizations today have an immediate need to increase the level of application quality, be more flexible to new technologies in testing, increase test case coverage, formalize the testing structure, and increase the level of stability and predictability. Implementing a centralized testing organization, called a “QMO” or Quality Management Office is the best way to quickly realize benefits and efficiencies that satisfy these needs.

By implementing this model, any organization, in addition to realizing cost savings from labor arbitrage, will attain the following:

  1. Implement a best in class QA organizational structure;
  2. Increase resource bandwidth to test more applications and each application in depth using repeatable processes and tools without dramatic increases in headcount;
  3. Create a Knowledge Management and Continuous Improvement ecosystem that will be centralized, repeatable, and cost-effective;
  4. Leverage Testing As A Service to execute niche testing that increases quality and maintains a low headcount;
  5. Leverage a globalized workforce and redeploy FTE SME’s that will both enrich the careers of the FTE’s and allow redundant or commoditized operations to be executed in any organization type; and
  6. Leveraging common artifacts, Automation and Performance Teams, and the rigor of Quality Assurance processes, such as Quality Gates, will have a significant impact on lowering cost with each release.

The audience will also learn how leveraging Testing As A Service can seamlessly blend in with a centralized QMO.

Session Takeaways:

  • How to build a centralized Quality Management Office that can easily leverage Testing As A Service offerings.
  • How to maintain governance and organizational controls when the Quality Teams are geographically dispersed,
  • How to incorporate testing new technologies, such as mobile, without increasing CapEx.
  • How to successfully navigate organizational change being driven by the Quality Organization.
  • Each attendee will receive a Project Plan that will accelerate a centralized QMO transition.

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Session Speaker:

Chris DuroChris Duro – IT Strategist and Agile Evangelist, Cognizant
Chris Duro has 15 years of experience helping large companies and start-ups to improve their software. He speaks at conferences and professional groups about agile testing, quality assurance, and good engineering practices. Chris and his teams help complex projects become more agile through improved requirements, automation, environments, and test data. Previous experience includes working on Wall Street as a management consultant and at Valtech as an agile testing coach. His industry experience includes banking, insurance, health care, life sciences, utilities, media communications, and education.