S13-601: Stepping Up to Leadership: Test Leadership Lessons from Harry Potter

Track: Leadership Perspectives for Testers

Even if you do not have the word “Lead” in your job title, and even if you are not a Manager or other “official” leader, sometimes you find people looking to you to be a leader. This can happen even when no one told you that you were or asked you to be. Stepping up to your own potential as a team member and a leader means overcoming your own uncertainties, self doubts and perception. Learning to foster relationships while learning your craft is a challenge for everyone, particularly when people are looking to you to be an expert when you don’t feel like one. This session will examine the choices, options and paths that are available to every tester and software professional. We will examine the choices the muggle presenter made, right and wrong, and examine those of the participants and the young wizard, Harry Potter.

Session Takeaways:

  • Building professional and personal relationships.
  • Developing technical leadership skills.
  • Advantages and necessity of continuous self-education.

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Session Speaker:

Peter WalenPeter Walen – Consultant, Software Anthropology
Peter Walen has been in software development for over 25 years. After working many years as a programmer, he moved to software testing and QA. Following a brief foray in Project Management and Business Analysis, he returned to software testing. He has worked in the fields of Insurance and Finance, Manufacturing, Higher Education/Universities, Retail, Distribution and Point Of Sale Systems. Peter is an active member of several testing associations and an active blogger on software testing.