S13-102: Using Test Metrics to Determine Trends and Provide Forecasts

Track: Test Strategy, Process and Design

Test metrics have long been used to advise on progress of testing initiatives; however, how many projects actually use these beyond the standard reporting process? Metrics that can be used to analyse trends are not only valuable as a record of progress to date but also for forecasting forward and modelling “what if” scenarios. For example, if a 3-person test team with 100 test cases to execute passes an average (given that test cases are invariably of unequal length) of 5 test cases per day at Day 3 of a test execution cycle, it equates to a further ~17 days of testing if current progress can be maintained. However what if the rate slows because a higher than previous level of defects is experienced or one of the team goes down sick? Or the business analysts graciously accept additional requirements that lead to a bunch of more test cases to do?

This session will show attendees which metrics to capture and which ones to develop, how to turn that information into trend analyses, and then discuss application of methods and techniques to not only forecast progress but also model the effects of both positive and negative influences on the test effort.

Session Takeaways:

  • Which metrics to capture.
  • How to develop them into meanful information.
  • How to turn that information into trend analyses.
  • The application of methods and techniques to forecast progress.
  • To model the effects of both positive and negative influences on the test effort.

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Session Speaker:

Geoff HorneGeoff Horne – MD, ISQA
Geoff Horne has an extensive background in test programme/project directorship & management, advisory, architecture and general consulting. He established and ran ISQA as a testing consultancy in NZ between 2000 & 2007, which grew to enjoy an international clientele covering not only NZ but also Australia, USA and the United Kingdom. Since then he has undertaken senior test management roles across a number of diverse industry sectors in NZ & Australia and recently launched the NZ Tester magazine, operating as both editor and publisher. Geoff has also written a variety of white papers on the subject of software testing and has been a regular speaker at the Star testing conferences. He is married with four children and in his spare time enjoys writing and recording contemporary Christian music, in addition to carrying a penchant for collecting beat up old guitars.