S12-805: Don’t Go Mobile Testing Mobile: Real Life Experience Testing with Mobile Devices

Track: Mobile Testing

In this session, Brett will discuss lessons learned from testing programs on mobile devices (iOS, Android, Palm, Windows and Blackberry devices). He has implemented mobile testing while maintaining a traditional system testing environment. He even had to integrate the delivery of the mobile applications with the base product. He has tested mobile web pages on various mobile devices and dedicated apps on droids and iPhones. He can help you prioritize your testing approach based on market share and understand why you get an error on one droid phone but not on all droid phones. He can also explain why you cannot solely depend on testing with mobile emulators on your work station. We will discuss why with mobile web you need to be cognizant about all browser based testing versus native apps. This presentation will show there is a lot to consider when implementing a mobile strategy. By the end, you will have a solid understanding on how to draft your mobile testing strategy and how to influence your management on why you should do either mobile apps or mobile web from a testing perspective.

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Session Speaker:

Brett MasekBrett Masek – Director of Testing, Lash Group
Brett Masek is the Director of Independent Testing and Release Management at the Lash Group. He is responsible for release management, software quality and testing. Supervising the talents and innovation of his team, he verifies software functionality, incorporates sound development processes, and ensures compliance of policies. Brett has over 15 years of software and process experience in addition to a B.S. degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the Ohio State University. He has worked in various industries including insurance, automotive, state government, banking, and manufacturing while managing teams up to 100+ professionals. Dedicated to maintaining a competitive edge in the fast paced world of information technology, Mr. Masek participates in a number of seminars, presents at industry conferences, actively reads trade journals, and networks throughout the industry.