S12-703: Troubleshooting Application Performance Issues – People, Process and Tools

Track: Performance Testing

Despite all of our application performance testing and certification efforts, the implementation of best practices and creation of centers of excellence; application users still encounter significant performance issues. When performance issues occur that defy quick resolution, organizations respond by conducting bridge calls and assembling crisis teams. When the problems persist, they bring in outside expertise. We see a similar process played out on TV detective shows and in popular crime novels and short stories. When the local authorities are baffled, they bring in the likes of a Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Jim Rockford, Lt. Columbo or Adrian Monk. These fictional detectives routinely solved each case by applying their unique talents of observation, intuition, questioning and deductive reasoning. And each of these characters had one or more odd personality traits in order to make them more interesting from an entertainment standpoint.

Troubleshooting performance problems in the real world requires much more than individual talent and a personality quirk. This session will present examples of real life application performance issues taken from the author’s case files to show how successful resolution depends on effective people, process and technology.

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Session Speaker:

Kerry FieldKerry Field – Principal Network Engineer, US Bank
Kerry Field has over 35 years of experience in information technology covering a wide range of disciplines including applications development, product and service support, systems and network management, functional QA, capacity planning, and application performance. For the past 11 years Kerry has specialized in application performance troubleshooting, root cause analysis, enterprise systems monitoring, and application and network impact assessments. He has an ITIL Foundation Certificate and was a Six Sigma Green Belt. He also served on the customer advisory boards for Keynote, Wily Technology, and APDEX.