S12-502: A Method of Assessing Testing Risk Mitigations

Track: Test Strategy and Design

Testing projects have a habit of getting into strife. After years of being the last piece in the SDLC pie, there are always deadline and budget squeezes that often require that we Test Managers find a way to do the impossible under the least conducive conditions. Most of us have had to manage risks as part of the test management process however we often find that the most seemingly plausible mitigation strategy is not always the best one.

Geoff Horne will present a proven method for identifying and appropriately assessing risks and their mitigations for testing projects. This method has been successfully used on a number of different projects across a number of different types of business and testing. It is based on evaluation of risks and assessing the impacts across a variety of key criteria including resources, productivity, cost, quality and confidence. It is then presented in a color-coded graphical format that enables easy and straightforward comparison and prioritization of the mitigation strategies to be deployed.

Attendees will learn:

  • The importance of good test risk management
  • How to assess each risk impact across a number of criteria
  • How to collate, present and interpret the results in a manner that facilitates an easy sell to management

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Session Speaker:

Geoff HorneGeoff Horne – Managing Director, ISQA
Geoff Horne has 34 years of IT experience in various roles including development, sales, consulting, IT management and testing. For the last 16 years he has been serving in test consulting & management. Geoff established and ran two testing companies: ISQA & Testimation.com. ISQA is now a strategic and tactical testing consultancy and Testimation.com focuses on the development of testing tools. He specializes in taking on challenged IT programs and projects from a testing/QA perspective and implementing appropriate, relevant strategies to assist through completion; establishing, implementing and institutionalizing testing strategies and methodologies for IT programs, projects and business-as-usual initiatives; test management at director, principal consultant, program and project levels; test estimation and forecast modeling and strategies.