S12-203: Planning For The Perfect Storm: The Value Of Peak Testing

Track: Performance Testing

Christmas 2004 was devastating to Comair, a subsidairy of Delta Air Lines. A winter storm during the holidays along with an overloaded flight tracking application wreaked havoc on the company. It caused the loss of their CEO, millions of dollars, and their reputation. This is a perfect example of how a combination of events can devastate a company.

This presentation will be centered around the three main questions:
Has anything in IT changed since then?
What about the Cloud?
Are our performance worries all in the past?
Scott Moore will demonstrate the value of performance testing and how to properly plan for your perfect storm. In this presentation, attendees will learn tried and true guidelines that can be used to plan for realistic peak loads and understand what worse case looks like before customers do.

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Session Speaker:

Scott MooreScott Moore – President & CEO, Northway Solutions Group
With over 18 years of IT experience with various platforms and technologies, Scott has tested some of the largest applications and infrastructures in the world. He has mentored and developed testing services for Big Five services firms, top insurance companies, and major financial institutions in the US. In 2004, Scott founded Loadtester Incorporated, focusing on performance testing and building centers of excellence around application performance. He is a Certified Instructor and Certified Product Consultant in HP’s LoadRunner and Performance Center products. In October 2010, Scott became President and CEO of Northway Solutions Group, with Loadtester remaining a subsidiary of the company. He currently holds HP certifications for ASE, ASC, and CI.