S12-1005: Looking at Code from a DevTester’s Perspective

Track: Agile Testing

Agile methods strive to break down the barriers and hand-offs between developers and testers. The more extreme variants on this put them together on a team with no more distinction than a recognition that they are subject matter experts in their respective areas forming the role of dev tester. Testers inject deeper testing sensibilities into development and developers coach testers on how to test earlier and more thoroughly.

This session will use seemingly simple code examples to stimulate discussion leading to deep insight on how to critically look at code to improve its testing and testability. We will focus on understanding and verifying the intent of the code as expressed through its structure and syntax.

The session will be accessible to practitioners of all programming languages and the lessons portable to all testing types. Only a basic knowledge of a programming language and a testing framework is required.

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Session Speaker:

Stephen VanceStephen Vance – Sr. Software Engineer and Integrations Lead, uTest, Inc.
Stephen Vance has been a test-crazy developer, consultant and manager for the last two decades. As a manager, he has promoted Agile testing practices since before the “Agile” label was invented. As a consultant, Stephen advised companies from startups to Fortune 100 on software process and quality including Agile coaching. He has presented internationally on software configuration management.Currently he is a Senior Software Engineer and Integrations Lead at uTest, Inc. and is writing a book on software testing techniques for Addison-Wesley.