S11-Pre-3: Automation and the Deployment Pipeline

Track: Pre-Conference Workshop

An important trend in software development is the idea of continuous delivery and the deployment pipeline. It is possible to have a deployment pipeline that is a series of manual steps, but that is neither efficient to execute or fun to build. Automation plays a large role in addressing both of these problems. This workshop looks at each stage of a typical pipeline and illustrates the role of automation and it’s goals. Appropriate for developers, testers, operations or anyone who wants to speed up their release time, participants will leave with implementable automation ideas and strategies.

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Session Speaker:

Adam GoucherAdam Goucher – Principal, Element 34
Adam Goucher has been testing professionally for over 12 years at a range of organizations from national banks to startups. A large part of that time has been spent augmenting his exploratory testing with automation. After discovering Selenium during a capital budget freeze in 2006, it quickly became his tool of choice when automating web interfaces. As an active member of both the core development team and the larger Selenium community he has recently started to revitalize the IDE project in an effort to kickstart business adoption of it. Automation is not the only tool in his toolbox. As an experienced tester who believes in the principles of both the Context School of Testing and the Agile Manifesto he brings an open and modern view of testing to projects. His first book, Beautiful Testing was published in October 2009