F14-11/6: Tips for Painless API Testing

Track/s: Automation

APIs can often be a painful part of the testing process, from understanding what the API does to making sure you can work around your application’s dependencies on internal and third-party APIs. Add the complexities of testing and monitoring your API’s performance and you can end up with a real headache. But it doesn’t have to hurt!

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Use your API’s service description to build your test skeleton and ensure adequate test coverage
  • Use API mocking to test an API while it’s still in development
  • Use service virtualization to overcome dependencies on APIs you might not have easy access to
  • Use SLA assertions to test performance and create production monitors from your tests

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Session Speaker:

Temil Sanchez – Sales Engineer, SmartBear Software, Inc.
Temil SanchezTemil is currently a Sales Engineer for Smartbear’s SoapUI product. His passion for software began in his home country, the Dominican Republic, where he worked for an outsourcing company providing technical software solutions to Verizon Business. He performed both QA and Technical Support functions for the Verizon Business account. The insight he gained prompted him to pursue a position in the United States with Smartbear working with their Automated QA and testing solutions.

Speaker Details:

Temil Sanchez – Sales Engineer, SmartBear Software, Inc.
Website: SmartBear.com