F14-11/6: Testing Skills Not Taught In Classes

Track/s: Leadership

Most testers want to do a good job and be recognized for having unique skills that are valued by organizations. In recent years, there has been much interest in tester certifications, in having testing recognized as a career specialization within software, and improving overall testing practices. To support these interests, there have been a variety of certifications and standards, which emphasize knowledge. To be sure, knowledge is important. However, often the knowledge of a person or project is subjected to assessment or evaluation—much like the multiple-choice quizzes given in schools, which have been proven to be nothing more than a chance. One can have knowledge without having the skill and many items in standards, classes, or certifications miss important tester skills that may be valued by organizations.

This session will look at a few of these skills and consider the difference between knowledge and skill. Attendees will be asked to consider if the presented skills are of value, and debate how one goes about developing and improving such tester skills. A contrast between testing skills and another skill domain will be considered to illustrate the points.

Tester skills presented will include:

  • Analysis, logic and rational thought
  • Communication (in testing)
  • Coaching & mentoring (in teams)
  • Defect management
  • Reframe test problems
  • Leadership
  • Learning before and during testing
  • Test modeling (general)
  • Jumping up and down an abstraction chain
  • Test social skills (and “selling” testing)
  • Test speaking & writing (about testing)
  • Test software/product qualities (per ISO 29119-4)
  • Test time management

Session Takeaways:

  • There are many skills testers need beyond classic techniques of test
  • Testing skill is beyond knowledge
  • Testing context skills take practice
  • Testing should be fun

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Session Speaker:

Jon Hagar – Consultant, Grand Software Testing
Jon HagarJon Hagar is a systems-software engineer and testing consultant supporting software product integrity and verification and validation, with a specialization in mobile and mobile software systems. For more than thirty years, Jon has worked in software engineering, particularly testing, supporting projects including control systems (avionics and auto), spacecraft, mobile-smart devices, IT, and attack testing of smart phones.

Speaker Details:

Jon Hagar – Consultant, Grand Software Testing
Twitter: @jonduncanhagar
LinkedIn: Jon Hagar
Website: BreakingEmbeddedSoftware.com
Past Events: STPCon