F14-11/6: Keeping Them There from Browsing to Buying

Track/s: Performance

“How Can We Test Our Site for Scalability & Ensure a Positive Customer Experience”

Once you get a customer on your website keeping the customer on your site is the key for converting the customer from a browser to a buyer. A slower performing site will result in cart abandonment and loss of revenue. As for performance engineers, it is our job to validate whether or not our site can standup to today’s ever-increasing population of web and mobile buyers visiting our site.

Simply scripting and executing load tests will not suffice. As performance professionals it is imperative we design the program then influence and drive the process that will lead to success.

This session will focus on designing the program based upon my experience testing enterprise e-commerce sites.

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Session Speaker:

Howard Chorney – Enterprise Test Architect, SOASTA
Howard ChorneyHoward Chorney is an Enterprise Test Architect at SOASTA, the leader in performance testing in the cloud. Howard has 35 years of experience in the computer industry encompassing both hardware and software. Over the past 20 years, Howard has been working in the software quality discipline focusing mainly in the Load, Stress and Performance realm. Howard’s current focus is working with large enterprise’s performance engineering practices, assisting them in building and maturing their organizations to meet the demands and challenges of ensuring exceptional software performance and scalability in our ever growing space.

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Howard Chorney – Enterprise Test Architect, SOASTA
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Website: SOASTA.com
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