F14-11/5: Vertical Limits: Testing for Diverse Business Contexts

Track/s: Leadership

Projects are getting more and more complex in nature, functionality, and technology, at the same time in testing we are getting increased pressure from the business to deliver the same depth and quality of testing effort in the same timeframes as in past projects. There’s no rest for the weary! Sure, business leaders might be focused on cutting costs and lowering the time-to-market, but are they aware of the impact of quality? Some testers avoid trouble by keeping their heads down and just focusing on the work to be done. They move ahead with limited awareness of the business contexts and then miss opportunities to prioritize different testing activities, find critical defects early, reduce risks of failure, and reduce the cost of post-production defects.

A better approach to finding the best (business critical) defects earliest, in this case, is to put on task, the type of tester who can combine a hybrid awareness of both the application knowledge as well as business knowledge. While testing holistically we need to consider the impact of business domains in building the test teams (skillset mix) and how we design our overall test strategy while testing for various verticals in complex applications, for all aspects of quality like performance, security, usability. Testers who understand the application with respect to the business context are more likely to keep relevant and valuable to the business leadership and lead the larger IT organization towards success.

In this session, we will review how traditional testing can be adapted into teams aligned with business verticals. We will cover what kinds of knowledge of these different business domains is required in order to test complex applications, whether it be for retail, BFSI, healthcare, publishing, or embedded applications. We will practice testing the same application for different business domains and realize the varied needs and perspectives to successfully test for different business domains. We will practice these new techniques in small group exercises practicing for testing of different applications for various businesses to highlight the value of having a mixed team of business analysts and trained testers together on your team.

Session Takeaways:

  • Understanding the nuances of a business vertical and the business context for testing an application.
  • How to go about building the test team for diverse business contexts; a mix of testers who understand business risks and technology.
  • Impacts for non-functional testing efforts such as performance, security and usability.
  • Strategies for growing this business vertical knowledge in your testing teams.

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Session Speaker:

Smita Mishra – CEO & Chief Test Consultant, QAzone Infosystems
Smita MishraSmita Mishra is the CEO and Chief Test Consultant at QAzone Infosystems, which is a software testing organization. She is a test professional who has spent over 13 years practicing testing and leading test efforts of varying sizes, cutting across all key domains and technologies. In past, she has worked with multiple organizations, likes of – HCL Technologies Ltd, Fidelity Investments, Nucleus Software Exports Ltd, Churchill Insurance (Now RBS) and led multi-million dollars testing projects, set up and maintain test centers for her customers.

In her current role, she is involved in creating test teams, managing testing for software companies, leading the overall test strategy for them. She specializes in driving Testing in the right business contexts. She supports her customers in identifying the risks their applications are carrying and / or passing on further to their end customers, through carefully crafted skills of software testing.
She also engages with different forums to assist growth for women in her field and otherwise too.

Speaker Details:

Smita Mishra – CEO & Chief Test Consultant, QAzone Infosystems
Twitter: @smita_qazone
LinkedIn: Smita Mishra
Blog: SmitaMishraBlog.com
Past Events: STPCon