F14-11/5: Roundtable: Career Development for Software Testers

Track/s: Leadership

As a software tester, do you have thoughts like, “What do I eventually want to become at the zenith of my career?” “How do I grow in my organization, what are the different paths I could take?” “What all should I do to help me build my reputation with my peer community?” “Where are the places that the community is referring to and learning from?”

If your answer to any of these is yes, then the good news for you is, you are not alone. Many of your peers are plagued with these challenges and want to know how others are growing and becoming a name in the testing community. The bad news is, there are no set paths. It appears there are many paths to choose from. Some work for some testers and others work for others.

BUT the BEST news is – YOU can now participate in a roundtable to hear from the community itself, and the leaders, and find out what worked for them. Discuss the specifics with the peer community and leaders attending the conference.

Does a career path for a software tester exist and if so, what are some of the key stages in that development path that leads to optimal achievement of a rewarding career in software testing? Should specialization be a consideration–not only mobile, web, technical but what about performance or automation; or industry specializations like telecom, healthcare, manufacturing, and embedded applications? What about education? Is formal education necessary and if so, what specific programs are available for software testers? What about certifications? How about development outside of the workplace—writing articles, joining testing groups, attending, and participating in conferences?

We welcome your other queries, too!! Bring your questions to the table for all to discuss and share their thoughts and experiences or submit in advance to info@SoftwareTestPro.com with subject  “For: Career Development for Software Testers”.

Take the survey on your personal testing career path: www.surveymonkey.com/s/testerscareer

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Session Speaker:

Smita Mishra – CEO & Chief Test Consultant, QAzone Infosystems
Smita MishraSmita Mishra is the CEO and Chief Test Consultant at QAzone Infosystems, which is a software testing organization. She is a test professional who has spent over 13 years practicing testing and leading test efforts of varying sizes, cutting across all key domains and technologies. In past, she has worked with multiple organizations, likes of – HCL Technologies Ltd, Fidelity Investments, Nucleus Software Exports Ltd, Churchill Insurance (Now RBS) and led multi-million dollars testing projects, set up and maintain test centers for her customers.

In her current role, she is involved in creating test teams, managing testing for software companies, leading the overall test strategy for them. She specializes in driving Testing in the right business contexts. She supports her customers in identifying the risks their applications are carrying and / or passing on further to their end customers, through carefully crafted skills of software testing.
She also engages with different forums to assist growth for women in her field and otherwise too.

Speaker Details:

Smita Mishra – CEO & Chief Test Consultant, QAzone Infosystems
Twitter: @smita_qazone
LinkedIn: Smita Mishra
Blog: SmitaMishraBlog.com
Past Events: STPCon