F14-11/6: Reaching the Purple Standard

Track/s: Strategy

Everyone is always talking about the gold standard or the best in class, but how about taking it even further? Let’s get to the Purple Standard where we try to prevent defects. Every application will have defects, but does your software project team plan, work towards or even put any focus on preventing defects to even occur? How could a project team even know what techniques to use to prevent something which has not occurred?

  • Software Requirements Analysis – Organizations should have the test team involved to review the requirements as they are being written.
  • Reviews – Implement code reviews, test reviews, log reviews. Review your own work, review other peoples work.
  • Documentation – Don’t go overboard and document everything. Document what is needed for you and/or someone else to pick up what you’re doing at anytime.
  • Defects – Verify the way people are logging defects so others can reproduce when needed. Make sure all defects go through a full root cause analysis. This will help resolve the current defect and prevent ones in the future.

Session Takeaways:

  • Learn simple tools to evaluate requirements for testability
  • Avoid ambiguity in requirements
  • Methods in studying the architecture design prior to testing
  • Techniques to incorporate code reviews and test reviews

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Session Speaker:

Jay Philips – CEO, Project Realms & TeamQualityPro
Jay PhilipsJay Philips is a highly experienced leader with a focus in business intelligence and software development team building. She has successfully completed multiple large and small projects in a variety of industry domains including strict regulated financial & health care environments. Jay is the CEO & President of Project Realms, Inc. (http://www.projectrealms.com) an IT consulting firm focusing on software quality. Project Realms was created because Jay found that there was a need for leadership, creation, maintenance and execution of development and testing activities Jay is also the CEO & President of TeamQualityPro (http://www.teamqualitypro.com), which is a real-time integrated dashboard platform used to evaluate the entire ecosystem of application projects and resources. TeamQualityPro is code agnostic so all organizations can implement a real-time executive dashboard system.

Speaker Details:

Jay Philips – CEO, Project Realms & TeamQualityPro
Twitter: @jayphilips
Facebook: Jay Philips
LinkedIn: Jay Philips
Website: Project Realms
Blog: TeamQualityPro
Past Events: STPCon, CAST

JeanAnn Harrison – Independent Consultant
Jean Ann HarrisonJean Ann has been in the Software Testing and Quality Assurance field for over 15 years including 7 years working within a Regulatory Environment and 8 years performing mobile software testing. Her niche is system integration testing with focus multi-tiered system environments involving client/server, web application, and standalone software applications. Mobile software testing includes mobile native apps, mobile hybrid apps, mobile web applications and mobile websites. 

Jean Ann is a consistent speaker at many software testing conferences, a Weekend Testing Americas facilitator as well as making guest appearances. She is always looking to gain inspiration from fellow testers throughout the software testing community and continues to combine her practical experiences with interacting on software quality and testing forums, attending training classes and remaining active on social media sites.

Speaker Details:

JeanAnn Harrison – Independent Consultant