F14-11/5: Mobile Testing Trends – Unique Challenges and Innovations that Address Them

Track/s: Mobile

In this talk, learn how to jump-start your team to be able to support the ever-growing Mobile arena. We will focus on high-level key questions and points to consider around your company and organization’s mobile strategy and more in-depth points within your testing team.

Areas of Focus:

  1. Mobile strategy – Native and Hybrid Apps or Mobile Web Applications
  2. Mobile Device Operating Systems
  3. Technical configurations and/or development frameworks
  4. Creating a device matrix – our recommendations on devices to “stock” in your own lab and how to create your own matrix
  5. The proper balance between devices and emulators/simulators
  6. Automation tools comparison – both open source and proprietary

Session Takeaways:

  • Understanding your company’s mobile strategy and the solutions and technology introduced to support it
  • Transitioning traditional test teams to support mobile
  • Staying efficient while supporting more testing permutations

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Session Speaker:

Melissa Tondi – Mapquest
Melissa TondiMelissa has spent most of her career working within testing teams where the concentration has been on functional, performance, and security, and new and innovative testing techniques. In her current role, she is back to being a practitioner assisting agile teams with continuously improving designing, building, testing and delivering quality software. She’s been in the software test and quality engineering field for more than fifteen years and focuses on organizing testing teams around three major tenets—efficiency, innovation, and culture. Her previous roles have included director of software quality engineering in the world’s leading education company; QA consultant for health care, finance, and software-as-a-service industries; and president of the Software Quality Association of Denver.

Speaker Details:

Melissa Tondi – Mapquest
Twitter: @melissatondi
Facebook: Melissa Tondi
LinkedIn: Melissa Tondi
Past Events: Better Software East, Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference, STARWest, SQuAD Conference