F14-11/5: Agile Quality Assurance

Track/s: Agile

What is Agile Quality Assurance?

This is a question we have been trying to answer since February 14th, 2001; the day after the agile manifesto was signed. There are a few books on the subject and more than a few blogs, but the truth is we are still trying to figure it out. Our PMO (Program Management Organization) has come up with new more mature agile methods (Scrumban?). Our Development Team has created Extreme Programming methods. What has been the Quality Assurance Organizations
part in agile process maturity?

There will never be Agile Quality Assurance best practices. Each Quality Assurance team will need to create a process based on the specifics of the project at hand. We must look at the work done by those who have gone before, as well as current thought leaders, and create a process for quality that is project-specific. This presentation will discuss an Agile QA process that was created over time; matured through constant iteration. One
that is general enough to be used on many varied projects, though certainly not a cut and paste solution. It will prove a good outline to begin growing a mature Agile Quality Assurance Organization that can keep pace with their project teammates.

Session Takeaways:

  • Integrate QA efforts with Agile Program Management process and XP type development methods
  • Architect agile QA methods to replace antiquated waterfall best practices
  • The many roles that agile Quality Assurance Engineers fill other than Tester

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Session Speaker:

Gwynnie Frey – QA Lead, Deloitte Digital
Gwynnie FreyGwynnie Frey is a QA lead at Deloitte Digital in Denver, CO. She has a Master’s degree in Information Management from the iSchool at Syracuse University, and is a certified ScrumMaster and has led QA on Agile teams for enterprise B2C mobile app development. She evangelizes the virtues of Agile in a world of waterfall and instructs Lego City Scrum courses to technology professionals in the private and public sectors and is interested in the puzzle of balancing the needs of large enterprise Quality Assurance processes and principles with the advantages of an Agile approach to development and QA.

Speaker Details:

Gwynnie Frey – QA Lead, Deloitte Digital
Website: DeloitteDigital.com