F14-11/4: Thinking Fast and Slow For Testers

Track/s: Strategy

In his book Thinking Fast and Slow, Nobel winner Daniel Kahneman introduces two mental systems, one that is fast and the other slow. Together they shape our impressions of the world around us and help us make choices. System 1 is largely unconscious and makes snap judgments based upon our memory of similar events and our emotions. System 2 is painfully slow and is the process by which we consciously check the facts and think carefully and rationally. However, System 2 is easily distracted and System 1 is wrong quite often. System 1 is easily swayed by our emotions. Examples he cites include the fact that pro golfers are more accurate when putting for par than they are for birdie (regardless of distance), and people buy more cans of soup when there’s a sign on the display that says “Limit 12 per customer.” In this session we will, through interactive games, learn how our minds can affect our abilities to investigate, observe, and recall events. We’ll discuss some strategies to minimize our mind’s erroneous impacts to those abilities.

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Session Speaker:

Joseph Ours – National Quality Assurance and Testing Service Lead, Centric Consulting
Joseph OursWith nearly two decades of career experience in Information Technology and Certified Project Management consulting, Columbus, Ohio-based Joseph Ours offers expertise as a leader in business processes with a successful record of providing project and portfolio management of large technology initiatives in multiple senior-level positions. He currently works with Centric Consulting, in the role of National Service Offering Lead for Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services. The strategy & technology company works with numerous Fortune 500 clients in strategy, technology and process, where Joseph commandeers its consulting efforts, including business development, practice management and client delivery. Joseph has served major clients such as Nationwide Insurance, Grange Insurance, State Auto Insurance, Motorists Mutual Group, BMW Financial Services, Kroger, Orange County Public Schools, LexisNexis, CareSource and Cardinal Health. He has also held roles at Bank One (now JP Morgan Chase), Cohesion, Davison Associates, Vitro Corp., and was an Electronic Warfare Technician with the United States Naval Service. He earned an MBA degree from Keller Business, and two Bachelor degrees: in Electronic Engineering Technology from World College, and in Technical Management from DeVry University. He is also PMP certified by the Project Management Institute. Within the community, Joseph is Chairman of the Columbus Advisory Council for Per Scholas, which aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing technology education, access, training and job placement services for people in underserved communities.

Speaker Details:

Joseph Ours – National Quality Assurance and Testing Service Lead, Centric Consulting