F14-11/4: Increasing the Value of your Testing

Track/s: Strategy

In today’s organizations, the focus is generally on doing more with less, faster. This holds true on almost all projects, regardless of the approach (Agile, Waterfall, or something in-between). What this really boils down to is value. With limited budgets and tight timelines, does your testing add as much value to the project as it can? Would you like to increase the value of your testing? Of course you would – the real question is: How? How do we get more value out of testing? How do we know if our testing is valuable or not?

This session will introduce ways to use things like coverage mind maps, session-based exploratory testing and low-tech dashboards together in order to increase the value of your testing. We will use real-world examples based on actual experience using these techniques at multiple organizations of varying sizes, on both waterfall and agile projects, for enterprise and commercial products. This session will help you walk away with concrete tips and tricks to use to increase the value of testing at your organization.

Session Takeaways:

  • Learn how to use mind mapping for modelling test coverage
  • Learn how to leverage exploratory testing techniques
  • Learn to report on your testing at any time quickly and easily without special tools
  • Learn how to bring the above techniques together to provide high-value testing

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Session Speaker:

Jason Kowaluk – Principal Consultant, Blue Cup Thinking, Ltd.
Jason KowalukWith over 16 years of IT experience, Jason Kowaluk is a passionate advocate for software quality. Jason spent the first half of his career as a Developer and has spent the last half as a Tester, Test Lead and Test Manager. A strong proponent of agile and context-driven practices, he has worked with organizations ranging in size from 8-man startups to multi-national corporations, helping them achieve value with their software projects. Currently an independent consultant, Jason is focused on collaborating at all levels to improve software delivery, leading testing initiatives, coaching Testers, and spreading the word about the value of Testing.

Speaker Details:

Jason Kowaluk – Principal Consultant, Blue Cup Thinking, Ltd.
Twitter: @jasonkowaluk
LinkedIn: Jason Kowaluk
Website: www.BlueCupThinking.ca
Past Events: SQDG, TISQA, QUEST, POST Workshop