F14-11/4: In the Cloud and On the Ground: Real-World Performance Testing Stories

Track/s: Performance

The presentation will describe testing strategies and lessons learned in performance testing for a global Enterprise with 70 offices worldwide.

Topics include:

  1. Testing Office365 email and SharePoint performance in the cloud
  2. Validating Riverbed Steelhead Cloud Acceleration
  3. Winsock bug in Windows 7 that impacts file upload performance over long fat pipes
  4. Performance – impact of using a testing proxy
  5. Validation VDI desktop performance

Session Takeaways:

  • Critical skills a Performance Engineer needs to have to properly design and execute performance tests
  • How to design a test simulation that reflects the real world
  • Insight into how the network impacts application performance and how to properly test

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Session Speaker:

Les Murphy – Principal Consultant, ePerformance Group
Less MurphyLes is a technology leader with over 30 years’ experience in the IT field, working both as a consultant and in key roles within software vendor organizations focused on IT solutions. Les has a passion for Performance Engineering with the goal of helping to ensure applications are performant and efficient. In recent years Les has provided Performance expertise to a global real estate firm, helped a bank with over 21B in assets avoid a failed deployment by properly load testing a SAP Banking application, helped a large bank in South Africa ensure that their mobility solution would perform correctly, and was the Lead Performance Engineer on 50M+ PeopleSoft ERP project.

Speaker Details:

Les Murphy – Principal Consultant, ePerformance Group
LinkedIn: Les Murphy
Website: ePerformanceGroup.com
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