F14-11/4: Building a Culture of Quality–It Takes a Village

Track/s: Keynote

When thinking about the House of Quality, many metaphors can be made to building an actual house. What happens when subcontractors don’t reference the same set of blueprints or specifications to assemble the adjoining sections? The foundation may be solid and firmly in place, but if the plumbing is run to the wrong room, you might end up with a shower in the kitchen. Similar issues exist when companies lack communicating common (top-down?) direction on Quality strategy, standards, and expectations. Grass-roots efforts can be fun and rewarding, but when trying to achieve wide adoption of a goal as high as “Industry Leading Quality”, what is the shortest distance between two points?

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Session Speaker:

Jason Lauer – Engineering Director, Testing Support & Integration (TSI), Echostar Technologies, LLC
Jason LauerJason came into the world constantly building things. From Legos to Erector sets and model planes to bicycles, he was driven to design and create. After college he found himself unsure of his future and like so many of us in Quality, he ended up here accidentally. And so, he began to break things instead. It turned out he was good at it and thus an accident turned into a career.  After years as a Software Quality practitioner, Jason expanded his leadership skills and obtained an MBA from the University of Denver and began to work with large teams, driving change in the name of Quality.