F14-11/3: Tester Awareness and Value Assessment


Today’s testers need more than ever to assertively describe exactly how they add value to their team, their department, the greater organization, and ultimately the bottom line. Unfortunately, without guidance and practice in objective self-assessment, most testers can be somewhat blind to their actual worth. And this can be a challenge, especially in the increasingly transparent and interactively visible agile environments where the entire team can see you, and evaluate you. The once-safe and simple role of the test manager as the ultimate authority on your job review is all but obsolete.

This experiential workshop will give testers a foundational set of skills to help them discover their strengths and weaknesses. The core of this self-assessment is based on the “seven tester types” as defined by industry scholar James Bach and will provide insights to participants’ individual testing styles. By engaging in group exercises, the participants will practice describing what unique value they add to the team; highlighting their own unique traits, and avoiding the “hypothetical tester in a hypothetical team” defensive arguments. The participants will learn how to work better with other testers of diverse types and backgrounds and how to find other team members who can complement their personalities.

Session Takeaways:

  • A deeper, more personalized understanding of testing styles.
  • Ability to professionally articulate the individuated value of testers.
  • Understanding other testers’ styles through active listening and critical thinking.
  • Improved mentor/mentee relationship, leading to more sophisticated coaching.
  • Thorough understanding on what motivates testers as protégées.
  • Managers will learn how to build more cohesive teams of testers.

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Session Speaker:

Anna Royzman – QA Manager, Liquidnet Holdings, Inc.
Anna RoyzmanA context-driven scholar, professional tester for over 15 years and a thought leader, Anna is always on a quest for quality. Her passion is in discovering new techniques and creating environments that allow people to be most effective at what they do. Anna is an international conference speaker; she is the AST Leadership SIG chair and CAST 2014 conference chair.