F14-11/3: Field of Metrics: Bringing Your Measurement Program Back to Life


In 1989, we watched as the movie “Field of Dreams” gave us hope and encouragement to follow our passions. The lead actor, Kevin Costner, listened to the voices that told him “If you build it, he will come” and converted his profit-making cornfield into a baseball field. We watched as players that had died years ago walked on his field to play. As Costner met his late father, we found that the message of this film was that it is never too late to get a second chance to make things right.

Is your measurement program dead? Does your organization have a program? Or did it die years ago and it has been so long that no one remembers what you’re trying to achieve? Are you just “playing with numbers”? Jerry Weinberg once said that measurement is “the art and science of making reliable and significant observations”. Have you imagined how great your organization could be if you were able to clearly communicate your observations?

When implementing a measurement program, you need to first understand the purpose of the metrics and the audience using them. Will the metric be used for measuring people? Process? Will it be reporting the level of quality in the software product? Many times, QA organizations want to deliver productivity and defect metrics, while the stakeholders may want to see metrics that support customer satisfaction or ROI. If you are unable to close this communication gap, your stakeholders will never see the real value.

In this tutorial, Philip Lew and Mike Lyles will challenge the audience to forget the things you are doing today and focus on defining, building, and succeeding with a measurement program that gives meaningful metrics to your stakeholders. Most importantly, you will leave equipped with the ability to answer the key stakeholder questions, bring your organization back to life, and meet more of your goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clear definitions on metrics vs. measurement
  • How to connect your metrics with the most important objectives
  • Develop a measurement framework that communicates more than just test results
  • Questions and answers that you and your stakeholders need to review to be effective
  • Leveraging metrics to not only evaluate but also predict things that could go wrong

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Session Speakers:

Mike Lyles – Sr. QA Architect, AIG
Mike LylesMike Lyles is a Sr. QA Architect with over 21 years of IT experience, gaining exposure through all aspects of IT in various roles – tech support, software developer, PMO, development manager, and, ultimately, testing/QA. He has led various aspects of testing: functional testing, Test Environments, SCM, Test Data Management, Performance Testing, Test Automation, and Service Virtualization. In his current role, he is responsible for defining and implementing tools, processes, and methodologies to support the QA (Functional, Regression, Infrastructure, Test Automation, Performance), Release Management, and Incident Management teams. Mike is an international/keynote speaker at multiple conferences, and is regularly published in testing publications and trade magazines. Mike’s passion to help others improve and grow in the field of testing, leadership, and management is his key motivation.

Speaker Details:

Mike Lyles – Sr. QA Architect, AIG
Twitter: @mikelyles
Facebook: Mike Lyles
LinkedIn: Mike W Lyles
Website: MikeWLyles.com/about
Blog: MikeWLyles.com
Past Events: STPCon, STPCon, QAI QUEST, QAI TesTrek, SDLC Summit, QA Summit

Philip Lew – CEO, XBOSoft, Inc.
Philip LewPhilip Lew, CEO of XBOSoft, has both founded companies and managed them on behalf of other during his quarter-century-plus professional career. Although he has focused on software quality since joining XBOSoft in 2006 and has deep technical expertise as a software engineer, his experience is broad and eclectic. He’s led systems integration and new product development initiatives, prepared companies to go public, and served as an advisor on technology and business processes. Prior to joining XBOSoft, he served as an Ernst & Young consultant; founded and ran Pulse Technologies, Inc until it was purchased by EIS International; led the Systems Integrations Services Group at EIS; and served in a variety of executive roles for technology firms both in the U.S. and abroad. He holds a B.S. and a Masters Degree in Science and Engineering from Beihang University. He’s a fanatical bicyclist, doesn’t own a car, loves social media and has visited more than 60 countries in attempt to satisfy his travel lust.

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Speaker Details:

Philip Lew – CEO, XBOSoft, Inc.
Twitter: @XBOSoft
Facebook: XBOSoft
LinkedIn: XBOSoft
Google+: +XBOSoft
Website: XBOSoft.com
Past Events: STPCon