F13-Pre-2: Functional Testing from Acceptance Criteria to Zip Files

Track: Test Automation

This session lays out the fundamentals of working with automated functional testing. We’ll start with discussing how important clear acceptance criteria are, then do practical implementations of functional tests dealing with common situations such as input validation, AJAX delays, and yes, downloading Zip files.

Along the way you’ll pick up critical concepts like dealing with a web page’s DOM, element locators, and tools to help you interact with these. You’ll also learn UI automation programming concepts like the Page Object Pattern, implicit and explicit waits, and modularizing your tests.

This session focuses primarily on automating web tests, but many of the same concepts can be applied to other UI environments too. Demos andlabs will be in C# using WebDriver, but we’ll also discuss Watir, MS Web Test, and Telerik’s Test Studio. (NOTE TO ATTENDEES: Feel free to use any platform or environment you feel comfortable in as long as you”re able to work with WebDriver.) You’ll also learn how Jeff Morgan’s page_objects gem might be a great fit for your environment if you’re working with Ruby. We”ll briefly cover acceptance tools like Fitness and Cucumber, and how they can bring great value to your process, too.

You’ll leave this session having learned how to deal with functional testing from A to Z. You’ll also learn critical factors for success in keeping your tests running quickly, and avoiding brittle tests that break frequently.

Workshop Takeaways:

  • Learn how web automation tools work
  • Learn proven approaches for avoiding brittle tests which turn in to maintenance nightmares
  • Learn how to select test cases appropriate for automation
  • Understand how to determine which test cases don”t make sense to automate

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Session Speaker:

Jim HolmesJim Holmes – Director of Engineering for Test Studio, Telerik
Jim Holmes: Father. Husband. Geek. Veteran. Around 25 years IT experience. Co-author of “Windows Developer Power Tools.” Coffee Roaster. MVP for C#. Chief Cat Herder of the CodeMash Conference. Diabetic. Runner. Liked 5th grade so much he did it twice. One-time setter, middle blocker, and weakside hitter. Blogger (http://FrazzledDad.com). Evangelist for Telerik’s Test Studio, an awesome set of tools to help teams deliver better software. Big fan of naps.