F13-902: A Pragmatic Guide to Database Performance

Track: Performance Testing

If you have a transactional based application then a database is almost certainly the center of your architecture to capture and store information. From credentialing systems for users, to the management of shopping carts and tracking of system artifacts any delays in the database will be magnified in the front end of your application. How do you know that your database is healthy under load? This session is an introduction to the topics which govern the performance of your database system, what to monitor to measure the health of your system, common sins and tools useful for your testing and analysis.

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Session Speaker:

James PulleyJames Pulley – CTO,, NewCOE Centers of Excellence & PerfBytes!
LoadRunner Expert! Mission is to provide the highest value performance engineering services of any organization, anywhere, period!

Specialties: Performance Engineering, load testing, performance testing, stress testing, quality assurance testing, software testing, LoadRunner, SOASTA, Silk Performer, JMETER

In his spare time James is also one half of the dynamic duo at PerfBytes radio