F13-801: Don’t Know Squat About Computer Networks?

Track: Test Strategy, Process and Design

Have you ever wished that when someone started talking about routers, and switches, firewalls and packets, wireless and DSL that they would just speak in plain English? Then this session is for you. In this introductory class, we will take a look at the fundamental building blocks used in computer networks. And using plain English, answer questions like: What is 802.11a/b/g/n? Why Ethernet? What does TCP/IP really mean? We will look at packets and data. Explore firewalls and honeypots. Look at routers. Delve into the mysteries of IP addressing and subnets. Oh, and have you ever even heard about something called the OSI model? In this session we will build a network one piece at a time and explore the purpose and function of each component. We will start with a single computer and add wires and devices until eventually we have a fully functional computer network. You won’t walk away a full blown network admin, but you will definitely learn enough to sound like one to your friends.

Session Takeaways:

  • Learn the function of each of the basic network building blocks such as Modems, Routers, Network Interface Cards, and Switches.
  • Learn about the OSI model and network addressing.
  • Explore IP addressing and subnetting and the differences between IPv4 and IPv6.

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Session Speaker:

Bradley BairdBradley Baird – Senior Manager Product Quality, Harman International
Bradley Baird has over 22 years experience as a QA professional. He has taught and trained groups all over the US as well as in Europe, South America, Australia, India, and Taiwan on QA practices and methodologies. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and has worked at several large and small software companies where he created QA department test labs from scratch, trained test teams and educated stakeholders everywhere on the values of QA.