F13-603: Mobile Web Testing – Explored

Track: Mobile Application Testing

There are so many tools/testing approaches for mobile native apps but when it comes to mobile web testing, it is still a widely unexplored territory with no standardized tools and/or testing approaches. In this session, the speaker will share his experiences with mobile web testing with specific focus on: 1) the differences between mobile web and native applications and 2) different mobile testing approaches and tools used to help his team. Some of the testing tools include: Sikuli, ExperiTest, Test Studio and Adobe Shadow. Some of the approaches to be demonstrated include – strategy for mobile device selection, paired scripted testing, paired exploratory testing and using quality center during this process. This session will also include the tools and testing approaches used to test “Responsive Websites,” including tools and techniques like the usage of media queries. The speaker will also cover challenges a tester might face when trying these approaches, and will conclude with a discussion about lessons learned and what to expect in the future in terms of mobile web application testing.

Session Takeaways:

  • Learn the basic differences between mobile web and native applications.
  • Learn the challenges facing mobile web application testing.
  • Learn different ways of testing mobile web applications (includes tools/testing approaches).
  • Understand the concept of Responsive Websites and how to test such websites.
  • Share lessons learned when trying these test approaches
  • Explore the future of mobile web testing.

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Session Speaker:

Raj SubramanianRaj Subramanian – IT System Test Engineer, Progressive Insurance
Raj is a passionate tester, who has previous experience working as a developer and moved to testing to focus on his passion. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Masters in Software Engineering, worked as a developer for a payroll processing company and currently works as a IT systems test engineer for Progressive Insurance with specific focus on mobile testing. He has been pretty active in terms of learning and contributing to the testing society by attending testing conferences, being chief editor of his company’s testing newsletter, being a board member of NOSQAA and other testing groups in Progressive, following testing gurus through their blogs, interviews, meeting them directly and much more. He is passionate about blogging and being directly involved in various testing related activities. He currently lives in Cleveland, OH. His e-mail – raj@rajsubra.com Website – www.rajsubra.com Blog link – http://www.rajsubra.com/blog/ Twitter handle – @epsilon11