F13-602: Test Data Management in Automation

Track: Test Automation

This session will cover the approaches that have been successful in designing a test automation framework for SaaS applications. Specifically we are using the method of test data management to create data set to a specific state so that testing is predictive and not experimental. In this session we will define and create some predictive data for a SaaS application where we can set the testing to have an expectation during run time. Then we will show how to clean up or reset the data to the expected state, except in the case where there is an error and the data needs to stay at the errored state. These methods are in current use with SalesForce.com and the Apollo Group’s legacy systems because they work.

Session Takeaways:

  • Learn how to design test data for testing automation
  • Learn how to build the test data in a large organization with multiple DB and a middleware platform layer.
  • Learn how to leverage the test data for automation and higher ROI for all regression testing.

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Session Speaker:

Robert SmallRobert Small – Sr. QA Analyst, Apollo Group
Bob is a leading expert in quality assurance and testing techniques on agile teams in a SaaS environment. Bob is an award winning testing expert, with 14 years of experience in IT. He has been published in online magazines and contributed to well known Agile books. He has worked with the leading Domain registrar, major Airlines in Phoenix, the leader in IVR and contact center solutions, and web conference delivery solutions. Bob has saved companies over $1,800,000 in costs, as well as helped generate $1,000,000 in revenue. Aside from Bob’s industry work he volunteers as a web developer and tester for Not-for-Profit companies. Bob has an unwavering passion for quality assurance, and a drive to continuous learning that has put him at the top of his industry.