F13-601: Leveraging Multiple Methodologies to Build a World Class Team

Track: Test Strategy, Process and Design

Today there are multiple test methodologies that can be used to achieve high quality levels: Agile/Scrum, TDD, Data Model, Risk Analysis, Persona, just to mention a few. How in the world do you pick the best one? What if none of the models meet all your demands? What happens when the methodology you are using isn”t working for you? This session will explore the answers to these questions. Truth is, no one methodology is the answer to all your needs. Chances are, any QA organization will need more than one methodology to achieve high quality software. And your organization may need to change or adapt their ways of working. World class QA teams must be able to continuously drive quality improvement through iterative best-fit analysis of processes and methodologies. Learn how one world class QA team was built from the ground up adopting best fit methodologies and driving improvement through continuous review and modifications. This session will look at how Agile processes were adopted in some areas, waterfall in others, risk based testing where appropriate, data model driven testing, ad-hoc testing, work-flow testing, all while also incorporating load and performance into the mix along with heavy automation.

Session Takeaways:

  • Walk away with an understanding of how multiple test methodologies are used by one team to achieve high quality levels, and how you can do the same.
  • Working examples of how multiple processes and methodologies are used to test CRM systems, mobile releases, IVRs, knowledge-based systems, APIs, SOAP interfaces, decision trees, etc.
  • Understanding of applying the learnings to Java based testing, C#, packaged apps, .NET, etc. See how iterative analysis of quality processes and procedures can lead to continuous improvements in quality.

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Session Speaker:

Steve HaresSteve Hares – Senior Engineering Manager, eBay
Steve Hares has been in the software industry since the early eighties and can remember the days of keypunch machines, 24 hour turn around times, and acoustic coupling modems, giving him over 30 years of experience. Steve has worked in multiple industries, from networking and telecommunications, to internet security and e-commerce, and has worked as both a developer, development manager and as a QA leader. He has also worked for a diversity of companies from small start ups to fortune 100 companies. Currently in his 5th year at eBay running the QA organization for the customer support technology group, he has built his team from the ground up to where it now tests everything from enterprise wide products to IVRs, from batch files to voice bio-metrics.