F13-404: Implement Continuous Testing for Optimal Mobile Performance

Track: Performance Testing

Mobile moves fast. Performance, from every perspective ranging from saturated public networks to device battery life, is what separates success from failure. You know this.
Testing and measuring mobile performance is a requirement in 100% of the companies who do business on the web today, and whether you are part of a mobile testing team or not, you need to understand what’s available to testers. Major technology advancements from Continuous Integration to real device testing to cloud computing are helping test teams keep up. Join this session to understand how you can take advantage of the biggest technology shifts to improve the quality of mobile performance and advance you career!

Session Takeaways:

  • How to use leading free Continuous Integration platforms for agile mobile performance testing
  • How the cloud can help quickly and cost-effectively test for mobile scale into the millions of users
  • How to build real device test labs that continually validate user experience running precise gestures and collecting actual device performance
  • How real companies are testing for mobile and improving developer/tester collaboration with real data

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Session Speaker:

Dan BartowDan Bartow – Vice President, Product Management, SOASTA
Dan Bartow is VP of Product Management at SOASTA, the leader in performance testing from the cloud. Prior to joining SOASTA he was Sr. Engineering Manager at Intuit where his team was responsible for the performance and scalability of TurboTax Online, the #1 rated, best-selling online tax software. Over the past decade he has been responsible for the performance of websites for well-known brands including American Airlines, AT&T, Best Buy, Finish Line, J.Crew, Neiman Marcus, and many more. Dan has set multiple industry precedents including deployment of the world’s largest stateful JBoss cluster and using over 2000 cloud computing cores to generate load against a live web site.

Brad JohnsonBrad Johnson – VP Product and Channel Marketing, SOASTA
Brad Johnson has been supporting testers since the turn of the last century as head of monitoring and test products at Compuware, Mercury Interactive and Borland. He joined the front lines of the Testing Renaissance in 2009 when he signed on with SOASTA to deliver cloud testing on the CloudTest platform to a skeptical and established software testing market. Now, with the experience of tens-of-thousands of tests and hundreds of companies embracing the CloudTest – and using the same for mobile test automation – he’s helping expand the horizons of testers everywhere.