F13-402: Should I Test or Should I Go?

Track: Test Automation

So many automation options! But what automation do you need in your project? Where does that automation fit? For testing, Unit Tests, Automated Acceptance Tests and Automated GUI Tests are now fashionable. All have their place. You may want to use none or all of them in your testing strategy, which changes for each project. Once you have decided on your automated testing strategy for a project, then you need to decide on which automated builds to use in the project. After deciding what you need to use of these different automations, which ways can automated builds and automated tests be combined? Eric shows you the most effective places to put these automated tests in your automated builds. And he shows where not using automated tests is a good idea. Discover how you can ensure your test and build strategy accomplish the correct purpose for the team and project.

Session Takeaways:

  • Understand Build types.
  • When to use different automated tests.
  • When to use Manual tests.
  • How to create different builds.
  • How to integrate automated testing into builds

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Session Speaker:

Eric LandesEric Landes – Solution Architect, AgileThought
Eric Landes is a Technical Architect for AgileThought, bringing agile goodness to enterprises. He has been involved with the IT industry for close to 20 years. He has been using Agile methods for the past 6 years, in a Team Lead/Project Manager capacity. He has presented on Kanban, automated acceptance tests, and other agile topics at different agile conferences, and user group meetings. Eric has a CSM and is a Microsoft MVP. For more information, check out his web site, http://ericlandes.com