F13-303: QA Process Implementation on Large Scale Projects

Track: Test Strategy, Process and Design

Working on a large, complex project over a year in duration and made up of over 100 resources, requires special considerations when developing an overall QA strategy and test plans, as well as communicating and managing the various QA tasks associated with those plans. In this session, the speaker provides insights gained from his work on a $70 million financial software implementation comprised of multiple major components including a general ledger, business intelligence platform, data warehouse and data integration hub. Tasked with third party validation through managing the test effort for the project, Shaun acted as QA Architect to provide the test strategy and planning for the implementation vendor’s customization and development efforts. In this session, he discusses his real-world experience including key take aways on how to prepare, communicate, and manage the QA effort for such a complex project. He also shares the obstacles and challenges he and his team had to overcome to deliver as smooth an implementation and go-live as possible.

Session Takeaways:

  • Identification of key QA strategic activities on a large, complex project.
  • Grasping test planning considerations necessary for component system testing and solution integration testing.
  • Utilizing proven communications strategies to keep the project team informed and enlist their help.
  • Leveraging a proven method for efficient test scenario development, execution, and re-use.

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Session Speaker:

Shaun BradshawShaun Bradshaw – VP, Zenergy Technologies, Inc.
Shaun Bradshaw has spent the last 15 years working with a variety of clients to improve their QA and test processes by advising, teaching, and mentoring them on the use of effective testing and test management techniques. He is the co-author, editor, and trainer of a suite of methodologies covering testing, test management, and test metrics. He also speaks at many of the major QA industry conferences and is known for his presentations on test metrics, test planning and process improvement. Shaun is a certified Scrum Master and co-founder of Zenergy Technologies, Inc. a QA and Agile solutions consulting firm (www.zenergytechnologies.com).