F13-103: Innovative QA: Remaining Relevant in Tomorrow’s IT

Track: Leadership Perspectives for Testers

IT is drastically changing and so too must an organization’s test practice in order to remain relevant, up-to-date and responsive to business need. Emerging trends such as Mobile, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud Computing and Agile practices, to name a few, are transforming the landscape of IT organizations and how they must deliver their products and services. Traditional methods deployed by testing practitioners are no longer relevant and must be transformed to meet these changing conditions. This workshop is ideal for those wishing to learn how to improve and innovate their test practice. Learn from industry specialists and fellow colleagues how they are addressing these challenges and what must be done to innovate and make their testing more effective. Identify opportunities, synthesize action plans and equip yourself with the tools necessary to adopt change within your own organization.

Session Takeaways:

  • Identify current and emerging trends impacting QA.
  • Understand the implications these trends have on your QA practice.
  • Learn what is required to adapt & innovate your QA practice.
  • Discuss ‘real-world’ lessons learned and common pitfalls.
  • Synthesize an action plan and roadmap to deliver value to your organization.

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Session Speaker:

James CampbelJames Campbell CEO & President, Tulkita Technologies Inc.
James Campbell is an Entrepreneur, a Strategist and an Innovator. James has a passion for helping his clients optimize and fine tune their IT and testing practices to succeed today and prepare for tomorrow. James is the President and CEO of Tulkita Technologies Inc., a boutique management consulting firm specialized in helping organizations achieve excellence in IT Optimization and Quality. Prior to co-founding Tulkita, James held IT Senior Leadership positions at Accenture Inc. and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board where he was responsible for leading a 15,000 person global Test Practice and overseeing IT strategy and sourcing, respectively. He is a globally recognized expert in IT Optimization and Quality. Through his 15+ years of ‘hands-on’ experience in IT management consulting, James has had the privilege of working with over 220 of the world’s Fortune 500 companies, where he learned first-hand the common sources of inefficiencies that exist within the IT organization and how to fix them. Once more, his tenure in IT and Quality Sr. Leadership positions has allowed James to design and build practical solutions that are specifically focused on improving the effectiveness of your organization’s quality, yielding both ‘quick hits’ as well as long-term success.