F13-102: Building the Business Case for Performance Testing

Track: Performance Testing

Performance Testing is often a forgotten or forsaken tool by both project teams and business partners. The primary reason for this is that, traditionally, performance was never a concern until something happened (such as poor customer experiences). Couple this with the realization that it has been traditionally difficult to performance test an application until it is stable – and software often isn”t stable until after it is released. These factors, among many, affect the perceived value, or lack thereof, in performance testing. Most large scale enterprise organizations have performance testing practices while small and mid-size companies rarely engage in performance testing. Even then, most companies only embark on performance testing once they encounter a significant performance issue in production. This sort of after-thought to performance testing is pervasive in the testing community. This creates challenges to properly implementing performance testing objectives, and even acceptance of the need for performance testing, among management. In this session we will discuss how to build a business case to support the implementation or expansion of performance testing in your organization. At the same time, we will cover aspects of performance testing that make it a first class citizen within the world of testing.

Session Takeaways:

  • The difference between performance testing and performance engineering.
  • Why performance issues are worse than production outages.
  • How performance testing positively impacts revenue, operational expenses, and employee productivity.
  • Typical user expectations of application performance.

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Session Speaker:

Joseph OursJoseph Ours – Director of Advisory Services, Cohesion
Joseph draws on 15 years’ experience providing executive-level leadership while managing high profile initiatives with a demonstrated ability to lead people towards successful delivery. Throughout his diverse career, he has built a solid reputation as a thought leader who exhibits a results-driven business approach and exceptional ability to achieve success. He is a strong leader in business processes with a proven history of providing project and portfolio management of large technology initiatives. Joseph brings both a strategic and tactical thought process to solving IT related issues. Joseph holds Bachelor”s degrees in Electronic Engineering Technology and Technical Management in addition to a Masters of Business Administration.