F13-1001: Improved Testing Using a Test Execution Model

Track: Test Strategy, Process and Design

A software test includes more than providing inputs and checking results. This session provides a descriptive model of the influences and outcomes when a test runs that provides a foundation for understanding how to design and run better tests. It also provides ideas and guidance for test oracles to detect unusual or erroneous behavior and find more bugs.

Session Takeaways:

  • Elements influencing the behavior of the software under test.
  • Outcomes that could be impacted by the running of a test.
  • Some of the reasons for non-repeatable test results.
  • Design considerations for better checking of test outcomes

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Session Speaker:

Doug HoffmanDoug Hoffman – Consultant, Software Quality Methods
Doug Hoffman is a management consultant for Software Quality Methods and a trainer in strategies and tactics for quality assurance with over 30 years experience. His technical focus is on test automation and test oracles. His management focus is on evaluating, recommending, and leading of quality improvement programs. He is the President of the Association for Software Testing (AST); a Fellow of the ASQ; and holds MBA, MSEE, and BACS degrees. He is certified by ASQ as a Software Quality Engineer and as a Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence. Doug is past Chair of the Silicon Valley Section of ASQ, a founding member, past Chair, and current Treasurer of SSQA (Silicon Valley Software Quality Association), a founding member of AST, and a Senior member of ACM and IEEE. He has spoken at dozens of conferences and chaired several international conferences on software quality.