F12 – T&T3: A Pragmatic Approach to Testing Enterprise Mobile Applications

Track: Tools & Trends Showcase

As enterprise mobility continues to explode, attention is shifting from devices themselves to mobile applications. A key component for successful enterprise mobile application development and deployment is comprehensive testing. With numerous mobile platforms, operating systems and form factors, to say testing mobile apps is complex is an understatement. This session will discuss how next-generation automation tools and techniques enable IT to effectively automate mobile app testing, helping to address the complexity of getting apps to market fast, with the stability and reliability the enterprise and its end-users expect.

Attendees will learn the following:

  1. Why automation is key in a mobile environment
  2. The challenges of mobile test automation
  3. The approaches of mobile test solutions (e.g. OCR vs Embedded Libraries)
  4. When to put tests/devices into the cloud and when not to
  5. What to expect when testing mobile applications (versus the web or desktop)

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Session Speaker:

Dan McFallDan McFall – VP of Sales, Mobile Labs
Dan McFall is a seasoned software professional with extensive experience spanning mobility, mobile app testing, Agile software development and technical support. In his role as VP of sales for Mobile Labs, Dan works with global organizations to improve their development and QA processes around mobile device and application testing. A prolific speaker, Dan addresses a broad range of topics including mobility, agile methodology, software development, and automated mobile app testing at conferences around the globe.